Family Activities

As Catholic parents, fathers and mothers all want the same thing - a strong, happy and healthy family. Moms and dads are aware that they need time to be together as a family. In today's world quality time is hard to find. Work demands more and more of our time and that must be balanced with meals, household chores, childcare, volunteer work and so on. Kids face similar time problems with school activities, homework, and other pressures. As Knights we can't solve these problems, but we provide and promote programs and activities that might help or that offer good opportunities for families to spend time together. 


The Roman Catholic Church inspires academic excellence and scientific rigour having a long tradition of developing schools, colleges, universities and hospitals. Supporting a child's scholastic achievement is central to family life. To this end Council 6417 provides an annual bursary for children and grandchildren of Knights who are attending an accredited post-secondary institution.

"Providing young people with a sound education in the faith represents the most urgent internal challenge facing the Catholic community" --- Benedict XVI